Monday, March 26, 2012

March 25, 2012

Fort Worth KC-2, Fort Worth, TX
GR 3 GCH Starline's Chanel
Judge:  Luc Boileau

Fayetteville KC, Inc., Raleigh, NC
GR 4 GCH Bo-Bett's Speed Demon
Judge:  Jim Briley

March 24, 2012

Fort Worth KC-1, Fort Worth, TX
GR 2 GCH Starline's Chanel
Judge:  Paula Hartinger

Dubuque KC, Dubuque, IA
GR 3 CH Cottonwood Under A Pale Moon
Judge:  Francine Schwartz

Raleigh KC, Raleigh, NC
GR 3 GCH Sporting Fields Bahama Sands
Judge:  Mary Ann Alston

Peninsula DFA-1, Bremerton, WA
GR 4 CH Sporting Fields Man In Black,
Judge:  Lesley Hiltz

SOL WRA Meets - Camden SC 3/24-25/2012
Back to Back Meet Winner

"Ryan" QuiXand SDW All The Right Moves WRCh, SORC-2

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